Part of the MCEP’s success with exploration, science, survey and documentation projects can be credited to the many talented divers that have participated and contributed over the years to new findings.


A dive team is not an arbitrary collection of individuals but a group that acts with the team’s interest in mind. Each member must first be independently capable in regard to skills, procedures and equipment handling. A group of divers that are self-sufficient will contribute greatly to the completion of pre-set diving objectives with increased efficiency, safety and enjoyment. Team diving is an important part of any type of diving. Divers that view team diving with a negative stance have likely never enjoyed the benefit of a good dive partner.


All participants involved with the MCEP are GUE trained. This ensures team diving with a qualified buddy (ies) for heightened safety, productivity and enjoyment. Dive teams can relay important information about individual performance, point out features or other points of interest, prevent trouble from occurring and assist in emergencies.


Successful underwater exploration projects as manifested in the US, Europe, Scandanavia, Mexico, and Asia are built around a strong team commitment.

Valued contributors

Fred Devos, Mark Garland, Osama Gobara, Chris Le Maillot, Casey McKinlay, Sam Meacham, Alison Perkins, Cameron Russo, Blake Wilson, Sigurd Bowitz, Alex Alvarez, Andreas Rosland, Julien Fortin, Flip Vernooij, David Watson.


Valued Contribution in past projects

Mario Arena, Franco Attolini, Lars Barstad, Suzanne Bird, Bruno Borelli, Roberto Chavez Arce, Ralph Correia, Brett Eliason, Alessandro Fenu, Jarrod Jablonski, Tom Karch, Dr Todd Kincaid, Mike Lindsey, Richard Lundgren, Luca Magheli, Mark Messersmith, Beto Nava, Joe Radosevic, Dr Ed Reinhardt, Simon Richards, Daniel Riordan, Dominique Rissolo, Gian Mario Rocca, Bob Sherwood, Mark Singer, Per Thomsen, Mario Valotta, Dr Chris Werner, Dr Panos Alexakos, Steve Cox, Dr David Doolette, David Dusek, Gideon Liew, Andrea Marassich, David Rhea, John Rose.


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