MCEP / CINDAQ Science / Cave survey May 1-5 2017



From May 1-5, 2017 twenty GUE divers from 7 different countries participated in the Science and Survey Project organized by MCEP (Mexico Cave Exploration Project) & CINDAQ (Centro Investigador del Sistema Aquifero de Quintrana Roo). Sediment traps were emptied and  replaced, sediment cores were taken, sality, depth and temperature sensors were downloaded and a motion detection camera was reactivated Sites visited included Ox Bel Ha (Yax Chen, Mayan Blue, Jailhouse  and Esmeralda), Cenote Zapote, Carwash and Pac Chen as well as sections of Sac Aktun. Detailed survey was conducted at key areas.


 And as always much fun was had by all!


Sincere thanks to all GUE participants: Aaron Coutino, Ali Perkins, Anya Janzen, Cameron Russo, Chelsi Mc Neill, Chris Le Maillot, David Dusek, Dr. Ed Reinhardt, Federico De Gado, Fred Devos, Hilde Wiggenhorn, Manu Schoch, Meghan Clark, Mike Batey, Mike Schernbeck, Patrick Winkler, Peter Gaertner, Petr Talantov, Sam Meacham , Sven Nelles.


Next science project is scheduled for December 4-8, 2017.


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