CINDAQ / MCEP SCIENCE PROJECT- APRIL 2018 Putting your Dive Skills to good Use


The latest Science project hosted by CINDAQ A.C. and MCEP from April 23-27, 2018 was a great success! Although smaller and a little more relaxed than previous projects we still managed to collect a lot of great data.


Nineteen GUE trained divers from across the globe volunteered their time and skills to collected 20 water samples, downloaded 5 sensors, redeployed 2 cameras, swapped out 51 sediment traps while visiting 9 different dive sites in 5 days!


The science behind these studies contributes greatly to the understanding of this area’s aquifer and related cave features.


A heart felt thank you to all who joined in the fun:


Angie Brown, Paul Brown, Ivo Chiarino, Ken Cochrane, Aaron Coutino, László Cseh, Alessandro Fenu, Fred Devos, Anya Krywy-Janzen

Chris Le Maillot, Casey McKinlay, Chelsi McNeil, Levi Page, Alison Perkins, Eduard Reinhardt, Cameron Russo, Flip Vernooij, Alessandro Vezzani, Emöke Wagner, Hildegard Wiggenhorn


We look forward to having you join us for the next CINDAQ A.C. / MCEP Science Project!



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