CINDAQ / MCEP January Exploration 2017


January 2017 has been a productive month of exploration for MCEP and CINDAQ.


In System Sac Actun, 3 new cenotes were discovered and located in the northern peripheries of the cave. Exploration involved the use of teams in side mount, rebreathers and back mounted gear that were able to extend the limits of the cave further to the north and west.  The cave continues to amaze us with its beauty, immensity and complexity. There seems to be no end in sight!


In Sistema Ox Bel Ha 2 new cave entrances were located using remote sensing techniques. Trails were cut and divers were able to probe them resulting in the connection into areas of the cave that had not been seen or visited for more than 17 years, and the discovery of a new cenote from underwater.  Our efforts continue to benefit from the incredible advances in technology that allow us to travel further, see better and stay longer. We are confident that these areas will allow us to fill in more of the blank spaces on our map and help us better understand the scope of this amazing cave system.

In Rancho Cenote Tigre Grande we were able to locate a new cenote using remote sensing techniques and revisit this very interesting and unusual cave to the north of Playa del Carmen.  We will be collaborating with other explorers in the area in order in order to put the many pieces of this puzzle together.



Mauro Bordignon, Sigurd Bowitz, David Doolette, David Dusek, Bruno Espinosa, Mark Garland, Osama Gobara, Chris Le Maillot, Gideon Liew, Andrea Marassich, Sam Meacham, John Rose


Special thanks to:

Nico Casella, Fernando Chico Hall, The Ejido Jose Maria Pino Suarez, Zero Gravity Dive Center, SUEX, Halcyon Dive Systems.

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