The Mexico Cave Exploration Project is a Global Underwater Explorers affiliate and is supported by GUE training, diving logistics, and administrative support. We share a desire to safely explore and protect the underwater world and to improve the quality of education and research in all things aquatic.


MCEP subscribes to a team approach in diving and we work throughout the year training, practicing and gaining experience. With years of local cave exploration experience and access to an international base of highly skilled divers we are able to align the support needed to safely and efficiently conduct mission specific dives in some of the most challenging underwater cave environments.


The equipment we utilize is designed for quality and performance and is configured as a standardized system. This uniformity between divers is critical during such team projects often located in remote areas. Breathing gas choices and gas management are also standardized with special emphasis placed on avoiding diving maladies such as oxygen toxicity and decompression sickness.


The standardized procedures we utilize are based in prevention and efficient management during emergencies. In addition to these procedures and redundant underwater life support equipment, we establish above-water support for dealing with emergencies.


The environments we dive in are often pristine and all effort is employed to minimize the effects to that environment. Dive plans, equipment, procedures and techniques all strive to leave the environment in the same way it was found.

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