The Mexico Cave Exploration Project is dedicated to the exploration, study and conservation of Mexico’s underwater caves, and to documenting its findings through the use of survey, videography and still photography.


Comprised of a dedicated group of cave explorers residing both in Mexico and abroad, the MCEP is bound by a commitment to team oriented diving, a sound equipment configuration, standardized gas choices, and an identifiable set of procedures for diving.


In the interest of realizing its goal of maintaining ecological integrity, the MCEP will seek to cultivate public interest in and knowledge of the area’s karst environment by making its findings available to the community at large. Through the sharing of exploration survey data and other presentations both visual and print, the MCEP will seek to enlist public support for the preservation of this precious resource.

Exploration Partners


The MCEP would like to acknowledge its firm commitment and collaboration with El Centro Investigador Del Sistema Aquifero de Quintana Roo (CINDAQ), a Mexican Civil Association. Both entities share the same vision for the study, exploration and protection of the underground rivers in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Please read more about CINDAQ at the following link: www.cindaq.org


Over the years, Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) has become a key partner in the success of cave exploration in the area with support through training, logistics and diver resources. GUE is a non-profit organization based in High Spring Florida. This organization is dedicated to underwater exploration and science in many part of the world. Please read more about GUE at the following link www.gue.com

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